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The Publishing Game:
Bestseller in 30 Days

A 30-day promotional plan for catapulting your book to bestsellerdom. No serious publisher should be without this book. You’ll learn how to:

  • Be featured in national magazines
  • Sell to corporations, book clubs, and catalogs
  • Be distributed through library approval plans
  • Win a BookSense award
  • Create a knock ‘em dead print and broadcast publicity campaign
  • Organize a profitable speaking tour
  • Syndicate yourself
  • Sell via an email newsletter

This book is a cookbook approach to publicity. You’ll never again have to worry that you’ve forgotten something crucial—it’s all right here in this book.

Don’t miss the chance to get exclusive information not found elsewhere:

  • One quick phonecall you can make to find out how competing books are selling
  • A simple way to get $10,000 worth of publicity—for less than $500
  • The best way to get the media to call you for quotes

Winner, 2003 Reader's Preference Editor's Choice Award for Writing

208 pages. $19.95—the price of a tank of gas. Order now

Also available as part of our one-day Publishing Game Workshop, currently offered in 12 cities, or Workshop Audio Edition.

If you have specific questions on book promotion, consider consulting with Fern Reiss.

“Strategies designed to make the day job superfluous.”

— Publishers Weekly

“If you purchase only one title on how to market your book, this is the one you want. Thorough, detailed, well organized, and a step-by-step procedure to marketing your book, it provides all the information that you could possibly need. Unlike similar books there is absolutely nothing left out. ... This is a thorough examination of the book marketing industry that includes many tips and tricks for getting publicity that I have not seen anywhere else. ... The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days receives the highest recommendation I can give. It is clearly the best of the best.”

— Harold McFarland, Editor, Reader's Preference Reviews

The Publishing Game provides a day-by-day book promotion outline that will accurately lead you every step of the way. Now you can be assured that you are doing every possible thing to promote your book and you are doing it in the right order. This book IS your marketing plan.”

— Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual

“I wish more publishers would not only follow Fern Reiss’s step-by-step lesson plan but read this book BEFORE they start rolling the publishing dice.”

— Jan Nathan, Executive Director,
Publishers Marketing Association

“A very useful step-by-step overview of the daunting task of getting published.”

— Carl Lennertz, BookSense, American Booksellers Association

“Positively awesome! Every writer should buy this book.”

— Rick Frishman, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers

“A great guide to help you through the marketing maze. I thought I knew a lot until I read it: a day-by-day marketing plan that can help you launch your book professionally. Fern, who authored five other books in The Publishing Game series (and who gives workshops on independent publishing and book publicity) will teach you step-by-step how to create a publicity plan for your book. She covers selling to bookstores, libraries, corporations, book clubs, and catalogs, explains how to get featured in national magazines, how to create a print and broadcast publicity campaign, how to organize a profitable speaking tour, and a lot more. The Publishing Game is one of the best books I’ve ever read for independent publishers and I’m planning to follow the game-plan for my own book.”

— Lisa Grant, The Writer’s Collective

“A step-by-step, day-by-day roadmap from complete unknown to bestseller. Packed with excellent resources. Follow every step and your chances of hitting the bigtime go dramatically skyward. Keep this book in the ‘use it all the time’ section of your bookshelf.”

— Shel Horowitz, Grassroots Marketing

“Packed with tips, tricks, names, and websites, this day-by-day plan will have you on your way to winning the publishing game before you even know it.”

— Mary Westheimer,

“A wealth of targeted instruction on how to drive your book to success. I especially like the bullet point presentation method; it makes action steps easy to follow and fast to review. This book is a useful addition to the literature on the subject.”

— Marilyn Ross, The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing

“A superbly presented, day-by-day ‘user friendly’ guide written by experienced publisher Fern Reiss for the purpose of aiding the novice publisher in applying a series of promotional and marketing techniques ranging from being featured in national magazines, to non-bookstore sales venues, to the role and uses of publishing industry awards, to print/broadcast publicity campaigns, to author speaking tours, to self-syndication, to the utilization of email newsletters, and more, which would aptly service to increase sales of self-published and small-press published titles. A solid, practical guide offering tips, tricks, and techniques, as well as a useful structure by which to undertake the tactics that most other ‘how-to’ books on publishing offer in only broad, general terms rather than specific daily activities. Informed and informative, The Publishing Game is very highly recommended as essential, basic reading, especially for those new to the field of publishing.”

— Jim Cox, Midwest Book Review

“I was a moderately successful self-publisher for eight years and would have killed for this book. Fern Reiss’s Publishing Game has it all packaged neatly, waiting for the rest of you to pull the bow and unwrap her gift to the self-publishing community. She practices what she preaches with her own books.”

— Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews,

The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days is a significant addition to the self-publisher’s library, offering both in-depth coverage and a unique, calendar- based sequence. Reiss doesn’t miss a detiail, from reminder postcards sent to bookstores to the arcane rules for qualifying for a CIP. Her presentation is crisp yet thorough. The book itself is a good example of the self-publishers art.”

— John Culleton, Rowse Reviews

“A powerful addition to the classics in the field.”

— Pat Bell, The PrePublishing Handbook

“Best book I've read on the publishing game. This book is well organized and full of useful resources and ideas. I thought I knew the game, but Fern opens up so many new doors and opportunities. Bravo and thank you!”

— Karen Post, The Branding Diva

The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days is a powerful ‘recipe’ for book marketing success. It's jam-packed with tremendously valuable tips, contacts and resources that will lead you on an exciting day-to-day journey. I am absolutely thrilled to finally have found a clear, comprehensive, and realistic action plan to help me achieve outstanding results in my publishing endeavors. Thank you Fern for your inspirational guidance!”

— Mel A. Ona, M.A., M.P.H.,, author of
Changing Bodies, Transforming Lives -
Your Ultimate Guide to FAD-FREE Fat Loss!

“Thank you for the wonderful Publishing Game! I love that book.”

— Nili Sachs, Ph.D., author of
How to Feel Normal in a Breast-Obsessed World

“I’ve just received your Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days. I love your step-by-step format and your writing style! Thank you!”

— Heidi Spinella, Plum Island, Massachusetts

“These books are really great. So much information presented in a do-able time frame. Thank you!”

— Jody Pryor,

“I have been reading the books I bought at your workshop. I had bought XXX’s books and was confused about a few things—the language is not very clear. But WOW! Your books are so clear and concise and the format even helps. At this point I have no questions—because everything is there in such plain, simple language. Thank you!”

— Mollie Bryan, “Mrs. Rowe: A Life in Food.”

“I have your Publishing Game book and it’s great. I had a second copy sent to a good friend for Christmas.”

— Ruth Sims

“I ordered your book from Writer’s Digest Book Club and couldn’t wait until it came in. It was even more helpful than I’d hoped for. I write homeschool unit study curriculums and since they’re more specialized books, not everything works, but I have put into use every idea I can, and they are wonderful! I’ve sent out review copies to homeschool magazines, I’ve printed postcards which I’m mailing out, I did Amazon reviews, and my favorite has been to become the official sponsor of National Homeschool Month in September. I’m also planning a big homeschool seminar in May. When I got back word from the National Special Events registry that we were on the calendar, my husband said, “Every once in a while you’re brilliant, and this is one of those times.” I had to tell him, though, that the brilliance came from your book!”

— Sharon Wilharm,

“Just got the book in the mail today. You’ve presented a reasonable, workable plan for getting the word out, getting books into stores, and inducing readers to take books OUT of stores (well, to buy books is what I mean (grin)). I’ve read a LOT about publishing, PR, marketing—and I’ve been in sales of one sort or another for over 20 years. Your book appeals to me because it emphasizes the most basic building block of sales success: hard work. Not only, that—The Publishing Game gives me the map to follow! Kudos to you!”

— Marcia Schutte, Nonetheless Press

“I just finished your book, The Publishing Game, and I wanted to write you to say it is an excellent book and I look forward to using the suggestions you gave!”

— Angela Yee

“With your book, The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days, I believe I can finally get noticed. Your day-by-day guidelines provide a well-organized and doable agenda. If only I had your book six months ago!”

— Jacquieline Burt Henkel, author of All My Goodbyes

“I just finished reading the book The Publishing Game: Bestseller in 30 Days! Wished I had the book a long time ago... I've spent $21,000 so far and haven't generated any sales. (What an expensive learning curve!) Thanks to your book I'm on the way to my first bestseller.”

— Tim Hutchinson, author of Battlescars,
and teen violence expert

Order now for just $19.95 (the price of a tank of gas.) Or get all three Publishing Game books for $49 and save $11. Order now


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